Mike Stratton Jingles is a radio and tv audio jingle business created by Mike Stratton. Located in Marshfield Prince Edward Island Canada, we produce quality jingles at an affordable price.

Mike Stratton Jingles
31 Lower Marshfield Road
Marshfield, PE
C1C 0J9
(902) 629.1874


  • Carpet RX (Louisville, Kentucky)

    Mike, You really knocked it out of the park! I asked ten people to listen to it and they all loved it. They said it was cute, catchy, and potentially contagious! I think the final consensus is we have a winner! Everything is perfect! I've had business owner friends of mine ask about my jingle and I was proud to refer you. It's been a pleasure working with you. Thanks again!

    Brandon Cerrito
    Carpet RX of Louisville Kentucky

  • Buns & Things

    Mike, when you contacted me about writing a jingle for our business, Buns & Things Bakery, it was at a time when I was wondering how to update the radio ads we had been running for quite some time.

    As you recall, not long after agreeing to have you prepare a jingle, you arrived, boom box in hand and played your first edition of a proposed Buns & Things jingle

    There was not a single change made in this first version and we are extremely pleased with the results. It is noticeable without becoming annoying, leaves room for our voice-overs and is a jingle we are very proud to have as our own. Although I had no concept of what I wanted in a jingle, when I heard this, I knew that was exactly what suited our business and clientele.

    Need to refresh your radio presence? Call Mike and have your own company jingle! It's easy and it works!

    Rob DeBlois
    Buns & Things Bakery

  • Fair Isle Ford

    Mike, I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the jingle you produced for Fair Isle Ford.

    As you probably remember when you approached me I didn't get warm and fuzzy feelings about having one produced. It was probably because over the years we had a number done but when they were finished although we used them for a short time, we weren't happy with them. We had given up with the idea. That is why when you first approached me I didn't show a lot of interest.

    I was totally wrong!

    The jingle you produced for us did everything we had hoped for plus a lot more. Everyone hums it and recognizes it and anyone in the music business, DJ, radio and TV producers, etc all comment on the quality and ease of use and ability to use it in its entirety or as a tag or intro. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the market for a jingle. It has been played across Canada as well as in some parts of the U.S. ( we forward by email some of our better commercials to Ford as well as Young and Rubicam).

    So to sum it up, I would just like to say thanks. Not only are we still using it, but will continue to use it in the future. It's a truly great jingle!!

    Terry Davis
    General Manager
    Fair Isle Ford

  • The Sleep Shop

    Over the past nine months our business has received a huge increase in customer awareness which is mainly due to the radio jingle produced by Mike. Mike took the time to understand the branding we wanted to create and quickly produced a jingle that has become very recognized. It is a quality and professional sounding jingle that has many customers commenting that we must be a national chain.

    Don Ramsay
    The Sleep Shop

  • Newcap Radio

    It’s all about getting the right message into jingles in order to get your audience to think about your business or service …and getting to know your business is Mike Stratton's first priority. You know what it’s like, you get a song stuck in your head and all day long you’re singing it. Just imagine when a potential customer is singing about your business all day long! Mike has the uncanny ability to create catchy "sing along" jingles so your business is always top of mind.

    Albert Kays
    Accounts Manager
    Newcap Radio

  • Elwyn Herlihy Real Estate

    I had been looking for a unique new marketing tool. When I met Mike Stratton, I knew I had found my solution. Mike spends the time and the thought to get the right content and delivers it all in a sound that gets peoples’ attention. I’m very pleased with my jingle!

    Elwyn Herlihy
    Parker Realty

  • The Travel Bug Travel Shop

    Hi Mike I just wanted to say a huge Thank You for my new jingle!  You made the process so easy.  I was amazed that after one short meeting, you came up with exactly what I was wanting and I didn't even know what I wanted!  Always quick to get back to me with any questions and revisions, you were a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend Mike!

    Julie Taylor
    Travel Bug Travel Shop
    Kensington PEI